Kutch Care News is a news agency founded & owned by Mr. Hitesh J. Soni.

He started weekly newspaper in January 2014, day by day Kutch Care News get good response from people of kutch. After getting good response of public they plan to start serve news daily. In daily based newspaper again they get good response from public. After get successful in print media now Kutch Care News became a TV channel also. Public of Kutch now can get news updates from Tele vision, again it was good achivment. Now, Kutch Care News branch offices opens in serval city of kutch, like Bhuj, Naliya, Mundra, Anjar, Gandhidham-Adipur, Ratnal, Nakhatra, etc. In shortest time Kutch Care News covers up whole kutch area.After complation of Kutch Care News as TV channel, now in shortest time Kutch Care News will be launched in Gujarat Level.

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